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  • Can my children ride?
    We do have a minimum age requirement of 10 years old. All Children will be at the discretion of the guide. The suitability for your child will be discussed at the time of reservation. Safety is our number one priority and we want to make sure your child is able to sit in the saddle confidently, able to direct the horse with instructions given by the guide. We may also require a private ride with the younger riders as extra time and instructions needed can effect the experience of others in the group. * Please call if you have any additional questions * All children must me accompanied by an adult (no exceptions)
  • Do I need experience to ride?
    No experience is needed, we have had riders of all ages who have never been on a horse before. You must be able to sit confidently in the saddle and able to direct the horse. You will need to be fit enough to mount, dismount and stay balanced in the saddle. We will always take each riders height, weight, age and experience to determine if we have suitable horses for each rider in your group. Strict weight limits apply. You will be given instructions by your guide Brian prior to the ride. Brian is a professional horseman and is always patient and willing to take all the time needed to get you on the trail. He will make sure you are confident and relaxed for your ride. If you have any questions about your suitability please feel free to contact us.
  • Do you have a weight limit?
    For the safety of both rider and horse we have a strict weight limit policy. The maximum weight limit is 210 lbs. With addition to the riders actual weight will also consider each persons height, age and experience to determine if we have appropriate horse for each rider. Detailed information about each rider is required at reservation. At this time we will determine suitability of each rider. All riders will need to be fit enough to mount, dismount and stay balanced in the saddle as an active rider. note *Riders may be subject to weigh in at registration.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Deposits and final payments made within 14 days of ride date are non-refundable. Refund of payment will be issued (less $25.00 per rider cancellation fee) if we are able to re-book your ride.
  • What will I need to wear?
    Long pants and sturdy shoes are required. No sandals or shorts.
  • What should I bring?
    * Hats must fit snug and/or have chin strap to avoid them coming off during the ride * Sturdy shoes or boots (no sandals) *Long pants are required * phones will be discussed with guide at reservation If you would like photos (your guide will take photos for you along the way) It is important to focus on the ride and not your phone Bottled water is provided, your guide will keep it in his saddle bags. No backpacks or purses are allowed
  • Can we run/canter
    We do not allow running/cantering the horses. The trail ride is mostly walking with occasional trotting. No exceptions.
  • What if I have limitations?
    We will ask at reservation if you have any limitations that may effect the ride. Physical- you must be fit and able to mount, dismount and be able to comfortably balance in the saddle. ( if you have any questions or concerns please contact us) Communication- each guest must be able to communicate directly with the guide for instructions and communication along the trail. ( any communication limitation needs to be discussed at reservation) Anxiety- guests being nervous is normal, however guests who may have anxiety or are very fearful may require extra instruction or may not be suitable for the ride. Sometimes we get a group that will have one rider who was talked into the ride and feel pressured. If you have a rider who is very fearful or has anxiety this will need to be discussed at reservation. Autism or special needs- please contact us directly to discuss specific limitations and suitability. We do have a great local resource Healing Reins that offer therapeutic and equine assisted learning. Safety is top priority please discuss any limitations prior to reservation.
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