Frequently asked questions

How do I install the Pod?

The Pods are completely wireless and battery powered. Installation involves peeling off a self adhesive pad and putting it on the bed frame. This takes less than a minute per Pod. (Other mounting options are also catered for, depending on bed type. Contact us to discuss). The Pod automatically connects to our network and you can see that it’s working on the console.

How will I be told when a bed bug is detected?

Our console will send you an email. You can choose as many email addresses as you like for us to send alerts to. This can include your external service providers. You can change recipients at any time on the console. Also on the console, you can see the current status of the monitoring and any past detections.

What servicing does it need?

Once each year we supply replacement snap-in cartridges. You just swap these out and use the packaging to send the old ones back to Spotta for recycling. This takes a few seconds per Pod.

My WiFi coverage isn’t great - will Spotta work in my property?

Spotta's Pods connect to a different kind of wireless network called LoRa. We provide LoRa gateways as part of the service. Typically one gateway will cover about 200 pods. These LoRa gateways need to be connected to the internet via wired ethernet or via WiFi. Poor WiFi connection for the gateways can lead to the Pods being unable to communicate with our servers. As such we always recommend a wired connection where possible.

What do I tell my guests if they ask about the Pod?

If anyone asks, you can reassure them that the sensors only check inside the Pod. They are not able to detect anything outside the Pod. Spotta collects no information on the (human!) occupants of the room.

Will Spotta tell me about other insects?

Our Pods for accommodation are designed to attract and detect bed bugs. However, we do also sometimes detect clothes moths, carpet beetles and silverfish. On the console, you can choose which species you wish to be informed about.