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Alpaca Walks

Keep Calm and Walk an Alpaca

The wonder and beauty of Smith Rock enhanced by the opportunity of sharing the experience with an alpaca. We have the most  amazing location adjacent to Smith Rock State Park.  Walking with an Alpaca should absolutely be on your to do  list.  

Smith Rock Alpaca Walks

The Story began with us sharing our amazing location with guests on horseback, we have enjoyed every minute of it and decided it would be fun to add the cuteness of alpacas! Melanie has always loved working with smaller livestock and has a passion for the fiber arts with spinning and felting, so it was a match made in heaven. We met with  a local Alpaca breeder/farm and discussed our interest in offering the walks, with his help we selected four sweet female alpacas all just under one year of age. They were chosen for their sweet and curious dispositions. Melanie worked with them for a few months on leading and confidence out on the trail. They did fantastic! They all have unique personalities and it has been a joy working with them. We are so excited to share this experience with our guests!

Canyon Walk

The Canyon Walk is a private experience that takes you from the ranch along the canyon and to the border of Smith Rock State Park to a lookout  for view the amazing rock formations and dramatic canyon and the Crooked River. The experience is an approximately 40 minute walk, to the lookout and back. However with the extra time for photos/selfies and treats the entire experience is about an hour and fifteen minutes. Be prepared to fall in love with your cute walking buddy! There is something about these silly, sweet little souls that will keep you smiling. It may actually become addicting as most guests talk about wanting their own alpacas when the experience is over.


This 1.25 hour experience is $120.00 for 2 guests

all additional guests are $45.00 per person.

All guests must be able to walk comfortably on uneven trails/ground

Mini Ranch Walk

The Mini Ranch Walk is a private experience suitable for families with children who would like to have a personal experience with the alpacas and have a short walk on the ranch. This includes time for photos, treats and meeting some of the other animals on the ranch. We have horses, mini horses and a llama. The experience would be discussed at reservation and would be determined by the age of the little guests and what would be appropriate for your family.

This 45 minute experience is $95.00 for up to 4 guests 

all additional guests are $20.00

Meet The Team

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